Kubernetes and the edge computing concepts are driving the new paradigm of IT service solution design. We have massive experience in microservices and container infrastructure - we can share it or build for you!


Development of nimble microservices-based platforms on adaptable containerized infrastructure. That is how we build your future!


We don’t just sell you best solutions – we teach you how to build and manage them yourself!


We build the platform of your future, for you, with you.

Your organization most probably cannot keep up with the IT trends to stay on the efficiency edge, while running your best core business at the same time. That is why we can do that for you. We help you rapidly build-up robust knowledge to advance in the market at your best pace. 

Our solutions cover knowledge transfer, deployment, and integration of microservices based platforms on top of bare-metal, virtualization, massive virtualization technology, in private, public, or hybrid clouds, with automation, ML, AI or DL, providing edge, 5G, PSD2, SecOps, data collection, processing and prediction, and other features implemented.

We constantly develop standardized and optimized solutions for the most demanding customers on a local, regional, or global scale, ranging from telecom, financial, insurance and energy, to governmental, retail, and business enterprises.

As needed, we join forces with members of the Amsterdam group or regional partners to boost the project timeline!

An open-source container-orchestration system. It enables automated applications, rapid scaling of capacities, and easier management across clusters of hosts.

A paradigm of distributed computing that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. This improves response times and saves bandwidth.
We help you deploy smart policies for API deployment, access controls, and data analysis for reporting and performance optimizations.

A service-oriented application component that is tightly scoped, strongly encapsulated, loosely coupled, independently deployable and independently scalable.

Technology for packaging a microservice or a whole application along with its runtime dependencies to run on an OS kernel of choice.

A process of implementing technical standards to maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability, and quality.

Our promises


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

Professional services

We asses your systems and organization, to plan how your new IT and information systems will be used to achieve your goals most efficiently.
We help you design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate the desired software, custom tailored to your business strategy.
We plan the necessary capacities and equipment, and how to deploy this infrastructure step by step, without causing negative disruption of your processes.
We evaluate and plan how your existing systems can interact with new solutions and how to extend their operational lifetime as needed.
We can get you up and running within hours, so your returns can be protected, or realized much faster when new deployment is in play.
Sometimes just configuring a default system is not enough. We advise on the needed customizations and optimizations.
We provide a set of services for organizations of all sizes – from fast growing SMB, to well established enterprise who need to refresh their IT approach.
Our highly trained, field experienced trainers provide vendor-certified training and exams for Red Hat, Suse, Zimbra, and EnterpriseDB certification.
We build your support channels and back up your effort to resolve issues for customers promptly and efficiently.

Specialized services

Examination and evaluation of your IT infrastructure, policies and operations.
We move your software, data, and systems, making sure the processes run with the least possible – or no interruption at all.
Set up your system to optimize software execution by packaging code into lightweight executables that run consistently on any infrastructure.
All types of data storage implementation – cloud, on-premise, hybrid, with the utilization of the most advanced technologies from multiple vendors.
Deploy a flexible authentication scheme for providing users a single log-in ID and service for any related, independent software systems.
Companies that innovate the fastest rely heavily on API integrations. To provide robust operations, API gateways can be put in place for optimized performance and edge computing.
Orchestration of container clusters, container monitoring, container vendors, and planning of container governance and maintenance.
Let’s integrate security into your emerging agile IT and DevOps development as seamlessly and as transparently as possible, without reducing the speed or toolchain of developers.

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